Date: 12th of July 2020 – time: 09:00 – 10:30 PM

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Module purpose

On completion of this module, learners will be able to devise a business case for requirements to be externally sourced and will understand the role of market management and competitive forces as they specify goods and services in procurement and supply.


Module aim(s)

The development of a business case and the ability to analyse markets are key if an organisation is to successfully source activity from external suppliers. Similarly, the clear definition of specifications for through life contracts is crucial to overall business achievement. This module is designed for those who are expected to analyse, interpret and evaluate information on the different types of markets utilised by procurement and supply. It explores a variety of elements that underpin the development of business cases and specifications and considers the options that should be explored when procurement and supply personnel are involved in defining requirements.


Learning outcomes, assessment criteria and indicative content

Understand how to devise a business case for requirements to be sourced from external suppliers

Identify how costs and prices can be estimated for procurement activities

Analyse the criteria that can be applied in the creation of a business case

Interpret financial budgets for the control of purchases

Understand market management in procurement and Supply

Analyse the different types of markets utilised by procurement and supply Such as:

Compare the competitive forces that influence markets

Contrast the breakdown between direct and indirect costs and the types of data that can provide

information on cost and price

Understand the use of specifications in procurement and supply

Analyse different types of specifications used in procurement and supply and sources of information that can be used to create specifications

Identify sections of specifications for through life contracts

Identify the risks that can result from inadequate specifications and mitigation approaches

Identify opportunities to regulate short- and longer-term specifications

Mr. Almahi Suliman

CIPS member and MCIPS approved Instructor

Procurement and Supply Chain Consultant

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