cips certificate in procurement and supply

CIPS L2: Certificate in Procurement & Supply

Entry level

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Who is it for?

  • For anyone new to the profession, with little or no business experience and those aspiring to move into a career in procurement and supply.
  • It is also ideal for managers in other professions and business leaders or entrepreneurs who need to understand how procurement should function and its overall impact on business success.

What will I learn?

Come away with a clear knowledge and understanding of facts, procedures and processes related to procurement and supply. You’ll be able to effectively interpret information and ideas, and learn how to identify, gather and use relevant information.

Entry requirements

This is the first entry level qualification, there are no formal entry requirements.

Modules you study:

L2M1: Introducing Procurement and Supply

L2M2: Procurement and Supply Operations

L2M3: Stakeholder Relationships

L2M4: Systems Technology

L2M5: Inventory, Logistics and Expediting

Price: 20,000 SDG

Date 3.10.2020

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