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Inventory Management Course

Distance Learning Mode with online exam.

The Learning Objectives:

This course will help you in:

Optimize inventory levels

Design & manage warehouse operations

Build an inventory management plan

Increase traceability & reduce parts variety

What will we learn?

Inventory and inventory management

Reasons for keeping inventory

Financial implications of holding inventory

The cost of not holding enough inventory

The Role & responsibilities of the Inventory Manager

The role of the Inventory Manager

Where in the supply chain and how much inventory to keep?

Lead-time management

Techniques used for reducing lead-time & uncertainty in lead-time

Service level

Inventory Categorization Techniques

Inventory management plan

Inventory policy at the SKU level

Inventory variety reduction

The necessity of stocktaking

Inventory coding systems

Inventory ratios analysis

Basic measurements and analysis

Getting started on measuring inventory and performance

Disaster Recovery Planning

Putting together a plan

Information needed for short-term operational planning

Information needed for strategic planning decisions

Monitoring inventory movements

Measuring inventory value

Inventory operations

Inventory replenishment techniques

Instructor: Mr. Almahi Suliman

Call now: 0123450445 – 0912174305 [email protected] , Khartoum 2, Nearby Ozone.