Inventory Management



Learning Objectives:

This Course will help you to:

Optimize inventory levels of each Stock Keeping Unit

Build an inventory management plan

Increase traceability & reduce parts variety

Optimize the Service level

Learn about Inventory categorization techniques

Manage Lead-time


Inventory planners, managers and analysts, warehouse managers and supervisors, sales managers, financial managers, production managers, procurement manager, auditors and high skilled stock keepers.

Course highlights

What is inventory management and why is it important?

The role of inventory manager

Inventory management and supply chain strategy

Demand Forecasting

Lead time Management

Service level policies

Inventory categorization techniques

Traceability and variety reduction

Inventory coding systems

The inventory management plan

Monitoring movements

Measuring and valuation of inventory

Systems to replenish inventory

How much to order

When to place an order

Setting the Stage for Effective Inventory Management

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