Procurement Operation Training Course from Outsource Training Center

Duration: 30 Oct – 3 Nov 2022 Time: 4:30 – 8:30 PM

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will learn:

Master procurement request to pay cycle

Be familiar with legal issues in procurement

Be familiar with procurement ethics and code of conduct

Who should attend the program?

Procurement Staff and Requesting officers

CP Board, finance personnel and Auditors

Course Outline:

Procurement Basic 5 Principles

Sourcing of suppliers

Purchase Requisition (RP) and strategic Sourcing (SSP)

Good Specification & Services Scope of work

Solicitation Method (RFQ, RFP…etc)

Evaluation and Award

Purchase & Contract Committee

PO and Contract Management

Procurement Legal Issues

Procurement Critical Situations and Emergencies

Closure of Procurement Action & records Keeping

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