Supply Chain

Supply chain

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Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, you are expected to:

Have a comprehensive understanding of supply chain management

Understand supply chain planning and strategy

Get familiar with the main areas of supply chain

Design the customer value and business processes

Know some schools of quality management

Understand the supply chain internal integration and external collaboration

Apply performance measures in different supply chain operations

What will we learn?

Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Logistics Management

Supply Chain Planning &Strategy

Transportation Management

Inventory Management

Warehouse Management

Internal Integration through Sales & Operation Planning

External Collaboration

Business process mapping

Customer Value

Lean, Six Sigma and constraints management


Only: 4500 SDG through Bank of Khartoum, Faisal Bank of Mobile Cash.

Instructor: Mr. Almahi Suliman, Supply Chain Consultant, Ex Shell Co, Ex P&G, Master in Procurement Mgt from Univeristy of Turin, Certified Supply Chain Professional by ITC/WTO

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