Warehouse Operations Training Course form Outsource Training Center

Learning Objectives:

Participants who will attend this course, shall achieve the following outcomes

Understand the traditional and the emerging role in warehouses

Profiling their jobs and highlighting the critical competences they need

Master the main warehouse operations,

Organizing their warehouse in more professional way

Generating accurate reports

The Targeted Audience:

Store keepers, senior storekeepers, warehouse supervisors, warehouse managers with nor previous training

What will we learn?

Introduction to warehousing and types of warehouses

The roles of warehouses in terms of:

Minimizing the cost of capital employed

Maintaining Products quality,

Improving customer service and balancing the supply and demand,

Managing the risk of material shortage.

Warehouse Jobs Profiling (job descriptions and critical required competences)

Warehouse operations and activities guidelines and rules


Put away & Storage

Picking, packaging and dispatching

Material handling

18 Ideas for Warehouse organization

Warehouses Documentary Cycle

Records keeping, Stock-taking and data accuracy

Warehouses Value Added Activities

Principles of house-keeping and the 5Ss

Identifying the stagnated stock, dead stock and dealing with them

Warehouse Reporting system

Warehouses Health, safety and security

Warehouse performance Control and KPIs

Highlights on Warehouse Management System

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